“The Daisy Chain”


I love the folklore and stories behind flowers here is a little about the daisy.

The word daisy comes from “eye of the day” because its flower opens at dawn and closes at dusk. And folklore says they will shut when bad weather is coming. Steeped in magic, the daisy is associated with the sun, fairies and the Goddess Venus and Aphrodite.

To dream of daisies in spring is lucky, making daisy chains was a protective spell to keep children from harm, and placing daisy roots under a pillow will bring dreams of absent ones. And like the old custom of pulling petals (he loves me, he loves me not) the daisy is most associated with love spells.

An old story tells how Rose, the queen of the flowers, had a birthday party and all the flowers were invited. One little flower was too shy to come, believing herself not comely enough to appear before the Queen of Flowers. But the Queen was said to have assured her that there was no need to be ashamed: Its dress was spotlessly white and it had a heart of gold. This made the little flower blush, and ever since then the tips of its ray-florets have been pink.


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