A wise woman…

I am so glad you decided to visit with me today.  Please, make yourself at home and grab a cup of whatever beverage suits your taste and allow me to tell you a story.

Once upon a time, every village had a wise woman, Clementine De La Fosse was one of these women. This woman walked a path that was hers alone. She felt her pain deeply and experienced her joy wildly. She talked to the plants and sang to the babies. She was the one the people went to for answers to life’s questions. She was the story teller, the sounding board, the guide, the person who knew everything from how to cure nappy rash, help with anxiety, or even how to sew on a button, she just knew things…and if she wasn’t exactly sure she was the one that would help figure it out. She knew about plants, she knew that given the right food and herbs, the body could heal, she knew the mysteries of the moon, she knew tales of flowers, fairies and animals. She felt with every inch of her heart and danced the dance of freedom.

She offered comfort and counsel. Sometimes her words were not soft and nurturing but cut like a knife. And like a skilled surgeon, the intent was to reveal and help remove any impediment preventing healthy growth or the revelation of the true self. She guided, but never dictated leaving the choice to the seeker, in whom the answer ultimately lay.

Born in France, grew up in Jersey and moved to Devon as  a young bride, she was the mother of 19 children. clementineShe was the wisest of teachers teaching the ancient wisdom that leads us back to the heart, to the real, to the true, to the simple, the sweet and of course, to the wisdom. She would gather children around her and tell a story of things lost, or perhaps about to be as she would stir the embers of the fire and gaze into its dancing flames. She told stories that pre-date written history, that try to make sense of the world at the same time as hinting at the other, at places and things that reside beyond the veil of night.

I am her great, great, granddaughter, like her I am very passionate about encouraging humans to eat real food and also about natural healing. For thousands of years people depended on the medicinal properties of locally resourced plants for healing and maintaining the quality of their lives. Whether that knowledge was passed down by family elders or appointed natural healers, everyone had knowledge of which plants were used for common ailments and food. When humans lost our connections to nature, we lost that knowledge and power to heal our families and communities with nature’s original medicine.

I hope to restore some of that knowledge so you can empower your family for health and harmony the natural way. I am blessed not only to have had wonderful knowledge and traditions passed down to me but have also had the opportunity to study, work  and train with some amazing people and companies. So my knowledge has an added  scientific and 21st century twist.

In a digital age tradition may be slipping through our fingers, which is deeply saddening,for me the old ways are very much alive, and I hope to share some of the things Clementine taught her children (my grandparents), the stories she told, things she taught them to make at the kitchen table and her knowledge of plants and life I now pass on for you to teach your children.


This isn’t just my website it is our collective gathering space. It’s a place for us to laugh, dream, cry, celebrate, and grow together. Please share your stories and the knowledge you have.


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