Horseradish is springing up all over the place in the garden it’s a welcome zingy addition to salads but can be used in lots of other ways. Pick small leaves in spring, for eating raw.
Larger leaves can get quite tough, so you might want to steam them first. The flowers are pretty and punchy, nice to add to any dish.

Horseradish leaf recipes

Here are some simple recipes for horseradish leaves.

  1. Salads
    Use small fresh leaves raw in salads.
  2. Dressings
    Chop leaves finely to use in salad dressings.
  3. Spice up your veggies
    Chop and add to vegetables, just before eating.
  4. Unique pesto
    For an unusual variation on pesto, use a handful of leaves (small, young and sweet work best) instead of basil to make a pesto.
  5. Smoothies
    Add a handful of leaves – younger or more mature – to your favourite smoothie.
  6. Soups
    Add a handful per person of horseradish leaves to a soup recipe, just before liquidizing.

To find out the nutritional and therapeutic uses of horseradish click here

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