Throughout the years, the dandelion has been well cherished by children and adults alike. As children we were told not to pick them because they would make you wet the bed (not true) Mum wouldn’t let us touch dandelion after 4 p.m., as she said it would make us go to the loo all night, but before 4 p.m. it was alright, dandelions are often know as pee weeds.  Another common belief we had is that the number of seeds left on the stalk after blowing away at the top will predict the current hour of the time of day, needless to say we were often late home because of our dandelion clocks.dandy

The dandelion is an excellent barometer. It’s actually a common and most reliable way to predict the weather. When the blooms have seeded and are in the fluffy, feathery condition that its weather prophet facilities come to the fore. The ball fully extends if the weather will be fair, but it shuts like an umbrella if rain is approaching. If rain showers will be continuous then it keeps shut all the time, only opening when the rain has ceased.

Most of us can recall plucking a dandelion from the ground and making a wish as we blew away the seeds, watching them scatter away in the wind. The dandelion flower was cherished for centuries because of its unique healing and medicinal properties as well as being used for various food and drink product. Here is a collection of some of the many other unique historical myths and legends surrounding the dandelion.

If you are able to catch a flying dandelion seed, it’s also a tradition to make a wish.

Making a wish immediately before blowing on a dandelion states that your wish just might come true. Another traditional belief was the that the number of seeds left on the stalk after blowing the seed head indicated the number of children that a girl would have in later life. Another legend claims that the number of seeds remaining after blowing the seed head are how many years one has left to live.

One traditonal legend about the dandelion states that if a child goes outside and looks for the tallest dandelion stalk that they can find in the early spring, then the length of the stem will be about equal in eaches to how much taller the child will grow in the coming year.

Dandelions represent and have been associated with the qualities of warmth, healing, radiance, illumination, growth and transformation. Dandelions also represent clarity, strength and the ability to overcome adversity.

When dandelions appear in dreams, they are thought to represent happy unions. They are also considered to be symbols of hope, summer and childhood.dandy2

In some cultures, dandelions were considered symbols of sorrow and grief. The dandelion was well known since the time of Moses, and it represents the bitter herbs found in the last supper. Dandelions are sometimes used to represent the Passion of Christ in theological symbolism, as well as being one of the bitter herbs of the Passover.

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