Unusual Things To Keep In The Fridge

Recently I wrote about the things we shouldn’t keep in the fridge, today finds me pondering on the unusual things that can be refrigerated .  If you have the room to spare, try dropping a few of these non-food items in your fridge or freezer.

Eye Cream

The cool temperature gives you an extra help in de-puffing sleepy eyes in the morning, so move your eye cream or moisturizer out of the bathroom and stash it in the refrigerator.


Storing your eye pencil in the fridge will harden the soft center, which makes for a more precise tip when you’re sharpening and applying eyeliner.

Nail Polish

Storing nail polish in the fridge will extend its life, but it does make it harder to apply. Take it out an hour or so before using.

Organic & Natural Cosmetics

If it’s something homemade, or an organic store-bought product that’s free from preservatives, you probably should store it in the fridge around the clock.


Possibly an old wives’ tale, but some people swear that freezing your tights and hose strengthens the fibers against runs and pulls and makes them last twice as long.


This one’s an old favourite. Good jeans get to look and feel really good if you never wash them. When they (inevitably) start to feel dingy and saggy, a quick stint in the freezer will help them feel fresh.

Chewing Gum

If you get gum or wax (or anything like them) on your clothes, stick the pieces into the freezer until the offending sticky stuff hardens, then try and chip or pry it off in big chunks.


Want to keep cut flowers looking fresh, maybe t give to someone later? Make room for them in the fridge, like your florist does.


Take it off the pillow and fold it up into a bag. It’s like the cool side of the pillow times a thousand.

Computer Hard Drive

For the worst case scenario: when your computer has crashed and you are desperate to recover your saved files, many tech geeks have sworn by the method of removing the hard drive from the computer, sticking it into the freezer for a couple of hours, and putting it back in the computer to turn it on long enough to recover your data before dies again. I take no responsibility if you try this!!!

Kill Dust Mites

Kill stray dust mites with freezing temps by placing worn items into a plastic bag in the feezer overnight, then wash.  I also used to do this with the children’s special blanket toys which to me always seemed like a breeding ground for germs.

Do let me know what unusual items you pop in the fridge.

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