Rosemary Heart

I pruned my Rosemary this morning, reluctant to throw out the amazing smelling prunings

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I set to work to make a little heart shaped wreath for my kitchen, so now I can enjoy the stimulating smell everyday. Its super easy to do just shake out any bugs that may be lurking cut smallish pieces and poke them into a pre-made wreath base either wicker or foam ( I used an old wicker one that needed a revamp). Use string or ribbon to attach the rosemary by overlapping it all the way around, add a loop and hey presto your done.

You could also use an old wire coat hanger as a base or if you have some long pieces of rosemary make that into a ring and use that. I made all the leftover bits into little bundles and have hung them from my wooden clothes airer to dry no doubt I will find somewhere to use them maybe in the airing cupboard to add a lovely natural fragrance to my linen.


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