Hydrangea are my favourite flower I just love the big blooms made up of lots of delicate little flowers.

When I was growing up my Nan had big Hydrangeas by her door as did my Mum. I of course have them too why? Because I was taught that to have them by your front door and around the garden created magical boundaries in your home and life and protected you from hexes (other witches curses), of course good witches consider that curses are unethical and would never use them. I have Hydrangea plants grown from cuttings of those original plants, old plants now they have traveled from home to home with me and are dear and familiar reminders of my early years.

This flower has a deep connection to water so can help with Psychic awareness, so is an ally to those of us that are called psychic, intuitive, or spiritually sensitive. Hydrangea is especially great to use for shielding and protection. A side affect to this plant is while it helps protect and shield you from things it also helps us experience psychic gifts.

Hydrangeas produce flowers from early spring to late autumn. Each individual Hydrangea flower is relatively small. What we usually think of as the flowers is actually the bracts which form a ring of modified bracts around each flower.  The flowers of Hydrangea are carried in bunches, at the ends of the stems.

Hydrangea are so versatile they are one of the few blooms that look good in any contained from a galvanised bucket to a delicate cut glass vase.  Try arranging them as individual blooms in small glass jars along a mantelpiece or for Christmas make them into a garland for the mantel.  A single flower in a vintage cup and sauce is so pretty.      hydr tcup                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            The individual flowers make lovely little mini flowers to decorate a tablemini hydrangeaa or can even be dried and used as confetti.




hyd confettiA big blowsy bouquet is gorgeous for a wedding and individual blooms make matching buttonholes.



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