10 Million Feet For Rowcroft

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We know everyone can’t do a sponsored walk or run but by buying a Norwex Envirocloth which has 10 Million Feet of MicroFibre in each cloth you can do your bit to support Rowcroft whilst creating a safe and chemical free haven in your home. It’s not just limited to the Envirocloth, for every product you buy here a donation will be made to Rowcroft.

Norwex is all about reducing the use of chemicals in our homes – both for personal care and household cleaning. There are many articles available about the impact harmful chemicals have on our health from a cancer perspective. Not to mention breathing problems, allergies and skin disorders that are also a known side-effect of harmful chemicals.


Placing & Receiving Your Order: Click here to order

Make sure you select Rowcroft Party when you are ordering.


You will be making a difference by creating Safe Havens and building environmental
awareness whilst supporting our local hospice. To find out more about Norwex click here.

A Launch Event will be announced shortly, this will be your opportunity to come along and meet other Rowcroft supporters, enjoy a cuppa and a chat and see the products for yourself, watch this space for details.


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Here is how it works and what makes this fundraiser AMAZING!!!

• 20% of all product sales goes to the fundraising cause!
• It’s all online orders & payment is made online by Visa or MasterCard. Click Here To Order.
• Norwex ships directly to the purchaser.
• The fundraiser offers essential home cleaning products. No items to increase our waistlines and best of all…nothing needs to be refrigerated.
• Products are shipped within 48 hours, just like regular Norwex orders.
• Simply use Facebook, texts, or emails to invite friends & family to participate.
• Orders are placed in three simple steps! Please just make sure you select Rowcroft when asked what party you are shopping for.
• Anyone can participate.
• Any household can book an in-home consultation or presentation with me and receive an additional £20 for Rowcroft.

Why not take a catalogue into work or share with your friends.

Make sure you select Rowcroft party when you are ordering.


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