Raw Chicken!!!

The Raw Chicken Demo

When I am showing the Norwex cloths, and explaining that they do, in fact, pick up 99% of everything off the surface, I often mention the raw chicken demo often done by  consultants. Now I’m not keen on taking raw chicken out with me to demos. So I thought it was time I put a couple of those videos here on the blog, so instead of telling people to search, I could just send them here directly to my favourite one (major criteria? they’re short! LOL).

I’ve selected two. The first one is the “black light demo”. chickenIt tests the Norwex envirocloth against other popular products.

Then this second one uses a different method of testing, restaurant grade protein swabs, and not only tests whether the cloth has picked up all the protein off the surface, but also tests whether it will spread it to another surface.swabs

This kind of demo appears about thousand times on YouTube, each one slightly different, often with the EnviroCloth or even the mop, so if you are interested in seeing other versions, by all means, go do a search.

Wan to know more visit my Norwex website.

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