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Having a baby is often the reason people start transitioning to a less toxic lifestyle. That moment when you realise your baby is lying on carpet coated with toxic cleaning or fire retardant chemicals, dressed in cloths that are coated with laundry powder fillers, breathing in endocrine disrupting phthlatates from the scented candle you have burning, and eating strawberries filled with pesticides….*

I will be regularly visiting a Mum & Baby Coffee Morning locally to introduce Norwex to the Mums, so I am thinking baby … what are the top three products I recommend for a new mother then, from the Norwex catalogue? BabyPoison

Before you read on, I should just say that there are LOADS of other great gifts for the new mum to help make her life easier while keeping the nasty chemicals out of her home – I actually do Norwex Baby Shower Parties, so if you are in (or near) Torbay, get in touch if you would like me to run one for you – or for a friend. It’s a great way for a new mum to get her home Norwexed for free, because most hosts get around £200 in free host gifts, and for baby shower hosts it tends to be higher.

Want to be my next host?

Number One: UPP Washing Powder

new-upp-formulationSurprised?  Just start with getting her laundry clean, without coating her clothes and her baby’s nappies with toxic chemicals.

Did you know most  laundry powder is up to 1/3 fillers? Which can coat both your clothes AND washing machine? When you start using the Norwex Ultra Power Plus washing powder, I actually recommend doing a machine wash, with a scoop of the powder, a cup of vinegar, and an old cloth nappy or other rag. You’d be surprised how often that rag can come out covered in gunk that has come out of the washing machine pipes.

But it’s not just the fillers. The dyes, artifical fragrances and other chemicals can also be left in your clothes. Did I mention endocryne disruptors? Personally I don’t want my grandchildrens developing hormone system disrupted! I have also had several customers switch to using Norwex washing powder because they or their kids get eczema, and conventional laundry detergents all make it worse. When they switch to using Ultra Power Plus their skin settles down again.

For delicate newborn skin, you definitely don’t want to be using a washing powder that aggravates them. Can you make your own laundry detergent or powder? Of course. But a tired new mother might possibly not have time for that. And to be honest, I find the UPP works better anyway, and one bag lasts so long that it’s also cost effective.

Number two: Baby Body Cloths

baby body pack cloths are great for faces, dirty hands, and stick fingerThe Norwex baby body pack contains three small, soft body cloths. These are just right for using in a baby bath of course, but I also love them for keeping in a zip lock bag in the car, or my bag, and using while we are out as baby wipes.The microfibre gets even the stickest fingers free in a jiffy 🙂

Yes, I am talking in the present tense even though my youngest grandchild is now almost four! That’s because even four year olds (and eight year olds, and twelve year olds, and okay yes, mothers too) can be grots.

Basically, I use these like wipes, but with no nasty chemicals, and no land fill effect. No fragrance, no alcohol, no chucking them in landfill. If I still had very small children I would probably keep one or two damp in a ziplock bag, in my nappy bag.

Not so much for cleaning up bottoms (they are perfect for that too, but using re-usable bottom wipes when you are out and about takes a certain sort of person, and she probably already has her own!), but for cleaning hands and faces. These days, I just keep them dry, because I don’t need them as often, and wet them from my water bottle as needed._baby_hooded_towel_set_reg

I should just add that you also get a single baby cloth with the Norwex baby towel, which is a lovely soft, super absorbent hooded towel, and is certainly a more traditional baby shower gift. 🙂

Number three: The Norwex Mop

Surprised you again didn’t I? So why the mop? Well think about it. That baby is going to be crawling around on the floor in no time, which means that mum (or dad) is going to be sweeping and perhaps washing that floor a LOT.

Did you know that there is generally a higher pesticide content in household dust than in soil, and that pesticides indoors take a lot longer to break down than they do outdoors? (source – PDF) And it’s not just chemicals tracked in from outside that end up in dust. Phthalates and other toxic chemicals from cleaners, new furniture (often a lot of that around with a new baby), plastics, even air fresheners all concentrate in dust (another source).kids mess

I actually love the norwex mop more for the dry mopping system than the wet. That’s not because the wet isn’t awesome (it is), it’s because I dry mop (aka sweep) my floor almost daily. I only wet mop it… well, not so often.floor

The Norwex dry superior mop fibre picks up dust, dog hair, cat hair etc using a static charge (which is just there naturally in the fabric, you don’t need to do anything to it), as well as up to 99% of the bacteria and germs, because of it’s super high quality microfibre. You will still have stuff you need to sweep into a pile and pick up with a dust pan (or just an envirocloth), but nowhere near as much.

Because of the adjustable handle, you also don’t need to bend when you are using the Norwex mop, so it is far easier on your back than a conventional mop or broom, which is awesome for a new mum or dad, who is already carrying around a baby (not to mention what pregnancy does to your back!).

Sometime I will do a full review of the Norwex mop, but in the meantime let me just say, if you do buy it – for yourself or a friend – make sure you get shown how to use it. There are some good videos on this, or you can get a consultant to come into your house and show you (assuming you then buy it from them too, or have a party with them).

Also the best way to buy it is in a kit, unless you get the  mop as a host gift  when you hold a party.

Where do you buy all these lovely gifts? Well, of course, you can buy them through my website. You can also get lots of them FREE though, by having a party! And that way you also get shown how they all work. If you’re in the Torbay area, I can run that for you, or I can do one for you on facebook if you’re elsewhere . If you want an in-home demo and you’re not in or around Torbay, I can probably recommend someone for you.

Right, over to you – what is the best baby shower gift you’ve recieved or given? If you have kids, looking back, what do you think you would have liked, or what do you wish you’d been given back at the beginning?

If you are a mum who would like to know more, run a toddler group or parents and babies events of any kind I would be happy to come along and show you what Norwex is all about. Contact me here. If you are a mum looking to work hours that suit you just ask e about the Norwex a party

Julie Hore Independent Norwex Sales Consultant


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