Why Become a Norwex Consultant?

Join tens of thousands of others around the globe who are making an income while helping friends, family and people you meet at party to create safe havens. In September we have an offer where you can join for absolutely nothing-just try it and share it see if its for you- contact me to find out more….sept starter kit2

Why Become a Norwex Consultant?

  • Promote a healthier lifestyle and a greener planet for future generations
  • Receive 30% in Basic Commission on your personal retail sales
  • Discover the opportunity to develop a team of Norwex Consultants and receive commissions based on Team sales
  • Participate in sales incentive programmes and team building promotions for the chance to win gifts and awards
  • Offer some of the most generous Host rewards in the direct selling industry, encouraging more bookings and higher party sales
You can find out more about Norwex here
Julie Hore Independent Norwex Consultant
Remember you don’t need to live near me to join my team everyone is welcome

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