Time to rediscover the Napkin!napkins large.jpg

Cloth napkins seem pretty fancy, not really for everyday…Paper napkins make me think of fast food…and grease…where is the right balance?

Paper products are biodegradable, but it takes a lot of trees to keep up with the demand– 51,000 yearly just for North America to be exact. I would much rather keep our trees alive to produce oxygen than wipe my hands on. Especially, when there are other options!

It’s time for the cloth napkin to make a comeback, and Norwex Napkins are perfectly classy, convenient, and casual! After they have been used, you can decide if they need to be shaken out or rinsed off. They dry quickly and contain the BacLock™ feature, which means they self-cleanse after use because the microsilver embedded in the cloth creates a harsh environment where bacteria, mold, mildew cannot reproduce. This means by the next meal time, your set of napkins will be clean and ready for use again.Norwex Napkins Peacock

Instead of contributing to consumption and disposal, Norwex Napkins help reduce the problem. Each set of 4 napkins is made from the equivalent of five recycled plastic bottles! Even though they are made from recycled materials, they can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.

Get a set of your Norwex napkins here today! 


These are elegant, yet durable napkins. They especially appeal to the partiers amongst us, as well as those looking to reduce the amount of paper products consumed in their home. And I must say that these make an excellent gift for that person who’s always inviting you over to one of their fabulous dinner parties!

You can get yourself a set of 4 Norwex Napkins over at my shop, and get the party started!napkins2


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