Why Use Cloth Napkins?

Cloth napkins can make your meals both fun and waste-free… and I have thrown in a few other fun ideas as well! Your great-grandmother would NEVER use paper napkins maybe she knew a thing or two!

While you won’t find paper towels and disposable napkins floating in the Great Pacific garbage patch, it doesn’t mean they’re harmless to the planet. It takes 20,000 gallons of water and 17 trees to make one ton of paper towels. Decomposing paper towels product methane gas, and 3,000 tons of them head to the landfill each day in the U.S. alone.tumblr_nx9jetWm9c1uf5m9eo1_1280

Cloth napkins have SO many benefits: 

  • High-quality napkins can last you years.
  • A one-time purchase will save you money in the long run — you’ll be reducing the amount you spend on disposables, and you’ll be eliminated a source of waste in your home — talk about a win!
  • They’re the perfect addition to your waste-free lunch! Friends and parents will be asking where you got them — trust us, we’ve been there.
  • For cleanup, cloth absorbs more liquid than paper; one napkin can hold 3-4 times the amount of a paper towel.
  • They’re great to line bowls of crackers, chips, or bread, to use on a plate under appetizers, and as trivets, coasters, even hot pads in a pinch.
  • A formal dinner table looks infinitely more classy with cloth napkins and even a tv dinner gets a lift.
  • Picnics are more fun (and far less wasteful) with pretty reusable napkins. This is an interesting benefit I wouldn’t have considered. Cloth napkins don’t get all scrunched up in your picnic basket or cooler. They don’t blow away when you’re outside. On a road trip they can be reused over and over. Of course, you need to pack them back with you, but unless everything you’re taking with you is disposable, you’ll probably have to pack something back anyway.
  • A Soft napkin is easy on a child’s delicate skin and won’t leave fibers behind to pull moisture.
  • They can also double as a placemat!
  • They’re super handy when traveling or out and about with kids, and they look a lot better than a wadded up tissue when you need to wipe a face. I’ve been keeping them in the back pockets of the car seats to use for whatever messy kid occasion arises – a few dabs on a dirty face here and there, spilled water bottles, cold legs – all can be solved with a cloth napkin.
  • Use them to wrap bread and rolls they will stay fresher longer.
  • They make great gift wrapping. I’m a huge fans of furoshiki style wrapping, and adore gift wrapping with purpose.
  • Teach the family to reuse their cloth napkins throughout the week, until they are dirty and ready to wash.
  • Give everyone their own personal napkin rings that way you can reuse the napkins for the same person until they are ready for the wash.

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