Vitamin Dirt

Are you getting enough Vitamin Dirt???

Soil is teeming with microbial life, the kind our guts evolved coming onto contact with Dr Josh Axe author of Eat Dirt has dubbed earth “Vitamin Dirt” and says we need around 500mg of earth a day-the equivalent of a supplement capsule or “the same amount your average child consumes when playing outdoors”.mud-kitchen-2a

Soils are filled with microbial life. In fact, soil houses the most diverse and complex microbial community of any environment known. Soil is a globally important reservoir of biodiversity containing between a quarter and a third of all living organisms on the planet. A single handful of healthy soil can contain over 50km of fungal networks, more than 100 million bacteria and 100,000 protozoa. This soil microbiota diversity brings with it enormous functional potential, and is a rich source of genetic and pharmaceutical resources. Indeed, many of the antibiotics used in modern medicine today have been derived from the soil microbiota.soil

That is good news if you grow your own vegetables you will be exposed to soil through your muddy harvest, and also through the digging and weeding involved. Look at the fruit and vegetables in the supermarket-most will have been washed of any traces of where they grew, so grow our own or buy organic. Or just go out and play in the mud!!!


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