The Pro’s and Con’s Of Being a Norwex Consultant

I joined Norwex in July 2018  and am now so excited to see my team growing. I just wanted to take a moment to share why being an Independent Norwex Consultant is so great when you compare it to what representatives for other direct-sales companies deal with. This month we have a fantastic recruitment offer  and whilst my team is growing fast I am also hearing from people who wanted to become Norwex consultants but hesitated to make a formal commitment because they had worked in the direct-sales industry and endured past negative experiences.

So here is the real scoop about Norwex, if I have forgotten anthing please get in touch to find out more.  here are just some major differences consultants see between what happens at other companies and how Norwex does things:

OTHERS: Upfront cost

NORWEX: Not at Norwex. To get a Starter Kit, which include everything you need to launch a business, new consultants pay only for shipping. If they are able to sell £1125 in Norwex products in the first three months, the Starter Kit is free. This is in addition to the hundreds of pounds worth of free products that can be earned as rewards for sales, party bookings and recruiting as well as a generous consultant discount of 25 percent. More than 93 percent of new consultants are able to earn the free Starter Kit. If after 90 days, however, a new consultant has not achieved £1125 in sales, the consultant can purchase the Starter Kit for just £150 (markedly less than it is worth.) MARCH 2019 JOINERS THIS QUALIFYING FIGURE IS REDUCED TO £625!!!

OTHERS: Unexpected, out-of-pocket costs

NORWEX: There are no unpleasant surprises with NorwexAs a Norwex consultant, you do not have to spend your own money to build stock. Customers order their products from Norwex, not from the individual consultant. So, a consultant really does not need to stockpile product.

It’s great, but not necessary, to have additional products beyond those provided in the Starter Kit for party demonstrations. These generally can be earned for free through giveaways, incentives and rewards. You will be surprised how much free product Norwex provides to consultants in appreciation for their hard work.

OTHERS: Required number of party bookings

NORWEX: Norwex leaves it up to you.  You can book as many parties as you want, or have time for, during a given month.

That having been said, you will want to have some parties during your FreshStart period when you first sign up — or you’re going to miss out on A LOT of free product you could earn! But, to keep your consultant status after you earn or buy your Starter Kit, you don’t have to have parties at all.

OTHERS: Party sales minimums

NORWEX: We celebrate every sale. If your host doesn’t reach the sales necessary for one of our free host packs, she or he will still be able to earn host credit that can go toward free products based on the sales they do achieve. They also will earn free products based on the number of buying guests and a hostess gift when a party results in another booking.

OTHERS: Monthly sales quotas

NORWEX: There is no monthly sales quota.

OTHERS: Recruiting requirements

NORWEX: Norwex does not require you to recruit to keep your consultant status. (Recruiting does, however, get you all kinds of free Norwex goodies and helps your business thrive!)

OTHERS: Sales amount dependent commissions

NORWEX: Norwex has one of the most generous sales commissions in the direct-sales industry — 25 percent — and you start earning that commission with the very first product you sell.  for higher levels of sales the commission rate will often be higher as well. There is no sales minimum requirement or recruiting requirement involved.

While most direct sales companies pay out commissions once a month, Norwex pays you weekly.

OTHERS: The hard sell

NORWEX: At Norwex, we “share” our products with others. We don’t feel like sales people, and we aren’t expected to do the hard sell. We love our products, so we tell people about them. That’s it. The rest usually falls into place. You tell someone about Norwex. They fall in love. They tell two people…and so on.

Everybody cleans, and everyone wants to make their cleaning easier, faster, healthier and more affordable. So you don’t have to sell Norwex, you just have to show them. The product really does sell itself.


Thanks for reading this far. Norwex Consultants are the best! One more thing that sets the Norwex experience apart is the amazing community of consultants, who support and help each other every step of the way. As a new consultant, you are never alone. We all want you to succeed. So, if you want to learn more about my team or what you’ll experience when you join us, please get in touch!




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