Out of the Linen Closet

I seem to have gotten away from something I used to do regularly on the blog — posting tips. So today, I thought I’d return to my roots, so to speak, and give you some tips on creative reuse of items you already have in your home, starting with an old pillowcase.

When you travel, toss an old pillowcase in the suitcase to use as a laundry bag. Bonus: the pillowcase will let the fabric breathe, unlike a plastic bag. And it can be washed right along with the clothing when we get home.

A pillowcase make excellent dustcovers for computer equipment, small TVs in the guest room that aren’t used often, and other small electronics that tend to be a magnet for dust.

A reusable gift bag … perfect for a stuffed toy, child’s down jacket or other hard to wrap gift. Just tie up the end with some rope or ribbon.

Pillowcases also make excellent covers for shoes and handbags, add a colour coded ribbon or tag to make it easier to identify items.

From old pillowcases to unused blankets — what can you do with them?

Well, this is the perfect time to clean out your blanket chest or linen closet. Donate the blankets you no longer use to a homeless shelter for the upcoming cold winter months. They also need bed linens and towels at women’s shelters. Make some phone calls … find out what the needs are and then donate some warmth and comfort. If your blankets and towels are too worn to give to the shelters, don’t toss them — take them to a local animal shelter where they’ll be put to good use!

Looks like it’s time to put old things to good use. How eco-friendly and smart is that?

Have you discovered the fabulous Norwex pillowcases yet? easy to clean, more durable
than cotton and contain BacLock® antibacterial agent. BacLock®, with its self-cleansing properties, keeps pillowcases fresher longer. Great for acne-prone skin!

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