Black Friday-Let’s celebrate!

Black Friday is happening again in November. Are you ready? Well, here’s my take on it…

I’m not one to rush out on Black Friday and battle the crowds for a deal. As a matter of fact, I purposefully stay in my home on that day and avoid the shops and any deals to be had can easily be found online. But I certainly don’t bemoan the brave crazy souls who choose to embrace the challenge of getting a good deal and head out for the shops.

Then there are those who will complain that Christmas is too commercialised. The emergence of sayings such as, “Jesus is the reason for the season,” did little more than create more products to buy to advertise that very fact in your home. However, regardless of your spiritual leaning, Jesus IS the reason for the season, and no amount of commercialization can change that.

Yes, I know the day started off as a pagan holiday, but it’s been transformed, shall we say, “reborn,” and is, without a doubt, a day where Christians around the world celebrate.

But what about the commercialism? Hasn’t that tainted a “holy” holiday?

Not in my opinion. I celebrate the commercialisation. Why? For a variety of reasons.

I love to hear carols wherever I go, whether I’m in the supermarket, a doctor’s office, a workplace, a flower shop…at what other time of year do you hear music that unites us all in celebration of the season?

Another reason I’m all for the commercialisation of Christmas is because, despite the fact that it may bring out the worst in people (particularly on Black Friday), it also brings out the best in them. There is no other time of year when people reach as deeply into their pockets and give. Whether it’s giving of a present to a family member or friend, taking mince pies to a neighbor, leaving a generous tip for a waiter, slipping a note into a charity box, December’s giving far exceeds any other month of the year.

Think for a moment what would happen if we eliminated Christmas as a national holiday…if we stopped the commercialisation in its tracks. Within the next few years, how many of your favorite stores would close their doors? How many non-profits would cease to exist. How many homeless people would die without organisations like the Salvation Army offering shelter and a warm meal? It’s rather scary when you think about it.

And what will happen to the Christmas story two or three generations from now? Would it cease to exist?

Would Christmas become a quiet holiday shared only by the faithful few who still believed the God who created the Universe would come to earth as a newborn babe? That seems like a far cry from the glory that surrounded that first Christmas as angels sang and announced the birth of a Savior and shepherds rushed to worship the newborn. And let’s not forget the journey of the Magi — seeking out their King and bearing gifts.

Singing. Rushing. Giving gifts. Christmas, lets celebrate.  When you hear someone saying “Merry Christmas” as they leave a shop or restaurant, it just might be me. It may not be politically correct, but let’s face it folks…it’s what it’s all about.

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