Keeping it green with gift giving

As the holidays approach, I’ve been focusing on how to have a greener Christmas. instead of buying gifts why not consider some of thee alternative?

  • Give gifts of service

Examples included giving handmade gift certificates for babysitting, making a meal, doing someone’s grocery shopping or laundry, washing someone’s car, etc.

  • Give gifts of shared experiences

Spending time with someone can be the greatest gift of all. Why not buy theatre or concert tickets as presents and make sure you’re the one accompanying the recipient to the event.

Plan a weekend getaway and surprise a friend or family member with a mini-break.

  • Give gifts with a history and/or sentimental value

Put together a photo album. Give away an heirloom. Make sure you share a memory or the value of the item to you personally. While you may not be able to put a price tag on it, when you give a way something that is close to your heart, the gift is, well….priceless.

  • Give consumable gifts

So many of us have too many things already. Not that it’s not nice to occasionally add a piece to a collection we have, or to be given a new item of clothing or an accessory, but don’t you appreciate it when you get a delicious plate of cookies or a bottle of your favorite wine? If you are green fingered how about making some table centerpieces or doors wreaths?

I consider gifts that will be used up to fit in this category as well, such as flowers, candles, bath products, body lotions, etc. If these are the types of gifts you like to give, look for green options.

Or what about some bird seed the recipient will enjoy the visitors to the garden and the birds will benefit as well.

  • Give live gifts 

Now I’m certainly not advocating giving a pet as a gift to an unsuspecting recipient!

However, a live plant can be a good choice. Give the gift of a healthier home with toxin-eating plants.

  • Give used gifts

This used to be taboo, but with the higher quality of goods in many resale shops now, you can find some fantastic deals on items you could normally not afford to buy new. Of course, there are things you want to steer clear of, such as upholstered furniture, throw pillows, certain clothing items, etc., but occasionally you’ll stumble upon an item that is part of a collection maybe a plate or bowl in a certain pattern. You just never know what you’ll find that will actually thrill the recipient more than anything you would buy from a regular retail store.

  • Give homemade gifts

For those of you who have the time and skills, hand-sewn, knit or embroidered gifts carry a lot of meaning with them. Hand painted furniture or knick knacks, homemade jewelry, etc. are especially appreciated when its obvious much love and thought went into the making of the gift.

  • Give charitable gifts in the recipient’s name, or buy gifts from charities

These are just some ideas for greener giving this year, I am sure you have lts of your own please feel free to comment and share.

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