Covid Christmas

November usually sees us all busy planning for the festive season but this year I think will be a little different. Remember when we thought this would all be over by Christmas? Oh, how naive we were! The good news is that there will be a Christmas celebration of some sort and as ever Christmas is what you make of it. 

Crowded shops playing never ending Christmas music will be rare this year. I wonder if some bright spark will equip all the delivery vans with Christmas jingles to play as they rush around our streets bringing Christmas from the internet into our homes. I predict a massive increase in light up Christmas trees for van and cars as we attempt to spread some seasonal cheer. Let’s hope Santa doesn’t have to quarantine and that we can get gifts to all the right places!

Whilst the ‘who’ and ‘where’ of how we spend Christmas are unknown, it’s apparent that we know the menu! Christmas is the ‘constant’ in our calendars; the date doesn’t change and neither do expectations for the day. Most of us are looking forward to a traditional Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, but I wonder will we opt for more homemade goodies or because there will be less socializing just buy lots of prepared food, this could be the year when many family tradition change.

For the first time in over 50 years I haven’t made a Christmas cake, I would often make several Christmas cakes and puddings for friends and family but this year I have relinquished the mixing bowl. Ours is still homemade but by the man of the house who was at home this year to make it, a huge change for me and I have to say it looks just as good as anything I would make!

There’s no room for complication this year. The Government will no doubt decide how many guests we can invite and many of us will be doing some of our Christmas on Zoom! I wonder how many photos of turkeys and trees will be shared? Will you decorate your house as normal or not bother? Or maybe just do a small corner that can appear on Zoom or Facebook, how creative will you be?

Please spare a thought for anyone you know who is living alone; Christmas can be an especially lonely time and this year has bought much loneliness and worry to many people so reach out to anyone you know in this situation, even just a simple card through the door may brighten someone’s day.

On the plus side, the dreaded office party probably won’t happen, a tradition I shall not be sorry to lose along with the endless Christmas get togethers with people you hardly see from one year to the next. Sorry if I offend anyone but I would rather spend time with friends and family than trek from one social engagement to another all in the spirit of the season!

Talking of spirit, at the time of writing it look like the pubs may not be open to us as usual this year, but let’s support them where and when we can because they are an important part of our community and we don’t want to lose them. I hope your plans for Xmas 2020 are well under way and that everyone has someone special to spend it with even if it can only be done via the wonders of Zoom.


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