The Benefits Of Diatomaceous Earth For Pets

Diatomaceous Earth is a dirt cheap way to control external and internal parasites in your pet. It’s a non-toxic, safe substance made up from crushed fossils of freshwater organisms and marine life. Crushed to a fine powder and observed through a microscope, the particles resemble bits of broken glass. Diatomacous Earth is deadly to any insect…

Covid Christmas

Remember when we thought this would all be over by Christmas? Oh, how naive we were!

Charlie’s Poem

Charlie Chaplin at age 26, photographed 100 years ago. Below is a poem he read on his 70th birthday,

The Magic of the Night Garden.

Transforming a portion of your existing garden into a moon garden is simple, and the pleasure you will derive from your night-time retreat will become worth it once you start to enjoy it.