Creating Safe Havens

I first discovered Norwex when it came to the UK in 2015, my first purchase was the Make Up Removal Cloth Set, I wanted a quick and easy way to take my make up without any creams or chemicals, a little skeptical at first and I have to say I was astounded when all my make up including mascara came off with just water. clothOne thing let to another my Envirocloth became my everyday everything cloth, I couldn’t manage without it now, cleaning almost everything with just a cloth and water how cool is that! I have a dog that creates wonderful window art with her wet nose so my Window cloth is always to hand!

After 2 years of deliberating and collecting a lot of products along the way I have signed up with Norwex and am now your fully fledged local Norwex lady armed with mops and cloths, Officially I am known as an  Norwex Independant Sales Consultantfb banner26618

Norwex is a brilliant and exciting ethical company on a mission to radically reduce harmful chemicals and plastics in our homes. The idea is to save time, money and our planet whilst improving our health too.

I love that I am now helping others radically reduce chemicals in their homes that challenge their health and the environment. I receive lots of lovely free products and a commission. I have been welcomed into the lovely supportive & sharing Norwex community and am now sharing our solutions for healthier homes with so many lovely people. Norwex families living everywhere are living more sustainably and improving the quality of their life by radically reducing chemicals in the home. If you want to discover more visit my website  or contact me  on 07904457506.

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