Dogs Eyes-Ivy’s Story

Ivy was my dog, she is a New Zealand Huntaway, sadly she crossed over the rainbow bridge when she was 14 1/2. About 5 years ago Ivy developed an eye ulcer, our vet was wonderful, he debrined it a couple of times (removed the excess growth) but it refused to heal despite regular drops and visits to the vet. More radical action was needed so they took her in and cut a grid across her eyeball, sounds horrendous but this was to allow clean points from which the eye could repair itself. The progress was very slow but all positive, it was decided to speed things and help the healing so the vet would make a serum from Ivy’s blood which he could inject into her eye.After many weeks of trips back and forth we finally conquered it and Ivy’s eye was back to normal.

Can you imagine how our hearts sank when at the end 2013 we noticed a mark on one of her eyes again? We bathed it but after a couple of days decided it was looking worse and a trip to the vet was in order. I think he was really sad and disappointed to see her back again with eye problems, and confirmed our worse fears that an ulcer was growing again.


He debrined it again and sent us home with drops telling us to come back in a few days, but the next visit came sooner than expected as the ulcer was growing rapidly, you can see where the green staining shows it up.


Serum was tried again, along with debrining but it continued to grow at an alarming rate!


It was decided that an operation was necessary so poor Ivy had to stay at the vets and came out wearing a contact lens and this horrendous visor.

ivy visor

 This thing blighted our lives for months, she hated it but the only time we took it off was when she ate because it got food all over it.

We went to the vets almost daily for check ups and treatment but the ulcer wasn’t getting better, another contact lens was tried, followed by sewing her eye closed.


By this time poor Ivy had had enough, she was a very depressed dog who had lost her joy for life, she stopped playing and just looked miserable all the time. She had minor infections and a small ulcer in the other eye and life was pretty grim for our poor old lady.


Then came the day when the stitches came out, we waited with baited breathe only to find that although the original ulcer had in fact healed nicely, the stitches themselves had caused another ulcer. Our poor vet was as upset as we were. All sorts of options were discussed and advice sought from a specialist eye vet, after much soul searching we decided we couldn’t put her through any more suffering so with a heavy heart we bought her home.

I have always been an advocate of alternative treatments and having exhausted all other possibilities we decided we had nothing to lose. I had recently stared working with Orgonite so I made a special healing disc for Ivy, my husband bathed her eyes daily with Collodial Silver to stop infection and I gave her Reiki healing. Amazingly the eye started to get better and she very quickly turned the corner with the healing process gaining momentum almost daily. Her sparkle came back and her eyes were clearing up. After only a short time her beautiful eyes were crystal clear again and remain so to this day. Was it the Orgonite? I can’t say for certain but the results speak for themselves. Our vet as wonderful throughout and of course I must always advise that you seek treatment and advice from your qualified veterinary surgeon. You can buy Orgonite dog discs here

ivy clear eyes

That is why Ivy is so very special to us both – she trusted us completely.