Kefir Grain Recipes

If like me you regularly make kefir no doubt you have run out of friends to give the spare grains too. Did you know you can eat them or feed them to your pets.  So instead of filling up your fridge with spare grains why not  dry them and eat them dried as a seasoning (crush them into powder and sprinkle on your food). The dried form is not as flavorful as dried milk kefir grains, but can make for an excellent home-made probiotic. Just dry your grains, throw them in a ninja/coffee bean grinder or food processor and you will have your own probiotic powder supplement!

Try adding 1/4 cup of kefir grains to your favorite scrambled egg, egg salad or omelet recipe.

Egg Substitute

Kefir grains can be used as an egg substitute for individuals who want to consume more beneficial bacteria and less cholesterol containing yolks. Kefir grains can also substitute for egg whites in ice cream recipes, substituting for the whites in part or whole.

Kefir Cheese

Kefir cheese is easily made by placing 1 cup of kefir grains into a strainer or a cheesecloth bag. Place the strainer or bag over a container and allow the liquid to drain for several hours or overnight. Mix the drained kefir with chives, herbs or spices and use it just as you would cream cheese, it is rather bland without any flavouring so be generous with your seasoning/herbs..


Layer strained kefir grains with granola, fresh fruit, nuts, and seeds and drizzle honey on top. Make several of these and store in individual portions in air tight containers in the fridge.


Add kefir grains to a smoothie. Blend 1/3 cup of strained kefir grains into 2/3 of a cup of your smoothie mix. For a frozen version, pour the mixture into a freezer-safe container and put in the freezer for an hour, or until crystals begin to form on the edges of the smoothie. Blend the frozen mixture into a smoothie-shake and enjoy for dessert or a snack.

Salad Dressings

Add fresh strained kefir grains to salad dressing in place of yogurt.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. sallo1961 says:

    I have bought and used Kefir grains on-line but haven’t been sure they’re good. Can you recommend a good source?
    Many thanks
    Sally Hewitt


    1. Julie Hore says:

      I have some you can have Sally I would always recommend getting them from someone you know who is growing them if you can people always end up with an abundance and are usually happy to share x


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