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My Creations 


While much of the nutritional supplement industry gives the impression that laboratory-isolated natural chemicals and pharmaceutically adulterated plants are the future of nutrition, Terranova see a different future. While such ingredients can certainly have a useful role in supplements, they recognize that carefully chosen whole, unadulterated and fresh phytonutrient-rich food and botanical ingredients hold the synergistic key to unlocking the maximum health potential of the isolated vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are used in the industry. The effects of this synergy can be truly remarkable. Terranova Nutrition was founded in 2008 by Stephen Terrass MRNT, the former Technical Director of one of Europe’s largest supplement brands. Stephen is one of Europe’s leading authorities in natural medicine, with a particular focus on nutraceutical and botanical science. I was lucky enough to get to now Stephen at the time he was establishing the company, to delve into the mind of this man was truly a privilege,  what he was doing then and now is just amazing, truly I feel the future of supplements. You can buy Terranova products here.