My Shop

Here you will find links to various things I make and use regularly.

Paw Wax– paw wax I make this and use it on dogs and humans too, useful for all those sore places and its great for cuticles you can read more about it here



Poppy Seeds  My ScatterSeeds are a great way to combat the many forgotten spaces you encounter everyday, from pavement cracks, to parking spaces, to reclaim and transform poppy seedsthem into places worth looking at and caring for. They can also be tossed or gently planted into your own home garden. A lovely way to mark a special occasion, remember a loved one or just spread joy. You can buy here.



Forget Me Nots My Seedbombs are handmade fmn seedsfrom Paper Mache and seeds. They come in a pretty organza bag with fairy label making a lovely gift or wedding favour. You can buy here





fmn heartsSeed Hearts in a pretty bag make a lovely gift, I can make special orders if you want a batch for wedding favours or party bags. You can buy here.



Lemon Balm Lip Salve lemon balm

Simple herbal salve for cold sores. They are one of those annoying things that seems to strike at the most inconvenient of times, always when you least need them! (Which is always, always when you are stressed!). 




If you love natural fibers you will find lots to explore in my felt shop  pictures, dreadlocks, bags and whatever else I am moved to make working with beautiful merino wool and other delightful natural materials. Click Here.